What does Scriverto do?

Scriverto does your research. It scans the web for content relevant to your primary topic, identifies popular related themes such as people, organisations and concepts and then creates a unique report for you to use as the basis for your writing.

Is Scriverto an article generator?

No, it is not an article generator! Machines are years away from being able to comprehend complex aspects of language such as context and nuance well enough to create human-readable articles. We believe the best partnership is for Scriverto to do the research and allow human skill, experience and creativity to turn that output into a fine article.

Who should use Scriverto?

  • Journalists, SEO content writers, marketers, PR writers
  • Anybody writing an article
  • Anybody who wants to reduce the time it takes to research a topic

Why is Scriverto so much faster than manual research?

Scriverto runs on high performance servers in the cloud and researches your topic with many simultaneous threads, so it can process many sources of information rapidly. This allows Scriverto to compress hours of manual research into just a few minutes.

How can I trust the output from Scriverto?

Scriverto automates what would be a manual process, so this is the same question that could be asked of manual internet research. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the internet. However, embedded in Scriverto's output are links you can follow back to the original source, so you have full "traceability". Scriverto also uses various means to rate the credibility and quality of information. Scriverto can also generate references if required.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Send an email to info@scriverto-ai.com - we'll do it straight away.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to info@scriverto-ai.comYour subscription will remain active until the date on which the next renewal is due.