How Scriverto works

Scriverto is NOT an automatic article generator

Scriverto is NOT an automatic article generator. Scriverto is an AI-powered tool which works interactively with you to find content for your work. Scriverto can find candidate content for your article in minutes which you never would have found in hours of Googling. Scriverto doesn't generate content. Scriverto finds content. Scriverto is designed to take the drudgery out of researching content and make article writing faster.

The Process

  1. Enter the title of your article (more detail for Scriverto to work with produces better results)
  2. Choose your preferences and settings on the Scriverto dashboard
  3. Interact with Scriverto to find candidate content (there are several steps of research and selection)
  4. Finish your article in the Scriverto editor or export the output to your own writing environment

Interactive tool for writers

Here at Scrivert AI, we dont believe writers want to be replaced by AI. We think that writers want to be assisted by AI so they can focus on their creativity rather than the drudgery of finding material. Scriverto was developed to make life easier for writers of content and articles. The user enters the title of their article and Scriverto will scour sources web pages, databases, social media in minutes to find candidate material.

Traceable content

Content found by Scriverto is traceable back to its source, and you can even generate a list of references. So, you can easily investigate the original source of any content found by Scriverto.

What about copyright?

Scriverto doesn't generate content. Scriverto finds content. It just does it better and faster than a human. So, copyright issues remain the same as if a user had manually found the candidate content themselves, for example by Googling, Googling and more Googling. So ensuring that you dont breach copyright remains your responsibility - just like if you found the content yourself.